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Version 9.0.0

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Added features

  • After a very very very long Google validation process, Google Drive support is now enabled!
  • Last 15 searches in search page are now saved and can be easily restored.
  • Added new option for Symfonium tag parser (Local device, Cloud servers) to use the Encoding time tag as date added instead of the actual file dates.
  • Added setting for Symfonium tag parser providers (Local device, Cloud servers) to automatically import found playlists during provider sync (m3u/pls).
  • Added a new global filter “Playable media only” to easily filter out non playable media (Offline provider and not offline cached)
  • You can now also set songs thumbnails (Locally, not pushed back to files or provider).
  • The number of pre cached songs is now configurable and independent for Wifi and Mobile. (Previously was tied to the selected playback cache size, still require playback cache to be enabled)
  • Added an optional Offline rolling cache with configurable size, to allow caching of media but with automatic eviction of oldest cached media to avoid filling the phone storage.
  • Added a new option to automatically add playback cached media to the rolling offline cache to ensure proper full offline playback. (Require both playback cache and rolling cache to be enabled!)
  • Added support for codec, … song additional info in playlists. For normal playlist it requires a sync from server or to recreate them to fill the data.
  • Added “Original release date” and “Release date” sort for artist details albums lists and album more from.
  • Added support for secondary connection settings to Subsonic and Jellyfin/Emby servers for users who can’t connect with same configuration at home and outside home.
  • Added support for custom HTTP headers for Subsonic and Jellyfin/Emby servers.
  • Added new option “Show composer in song list” to album page.


  • Album and artist detail pages now shows a fastscroll bar when there’s a lot of data.
  • Each auto offline rule can now override the global transcoding value and cache at original quality.
  • The option Automatic cache of favorites now support overriding the global transcoding value too. You need to reconfigure the option as it reverted to disabled!
  • Offline, Cache and download setting menu settings are now split in sub pages.
  • Improve download queue management to properly pause and cancel queue even when automatic offline rules are still queueing media.
  • ”Auto offline rules” and “Offline cache and download” actions now each open a dedicated bottom sheet with all actions in them.
  • M3U/PLS playlist import now support some cases of absolute paths. As always contact me with details if you still have playlists not importing.
  • Cached media from auto offline cache rules are now automatically removed from cache when they no more belong to any rule.
    • This only works for media that are cached after this update!
    • You can select “Move to permanent cache” option on media at any time to ensure that the media stays!
  • Skip silence option now use an updated algorithm from ExoPlayer. Should be better but report any issues as usual.
  • Whole line in lyrics view is now clickable to jump in song position.
  • ICY data from Internet radio is now properly shown in now playing (Title and thumbnails when provided)
  • Shortcut widgets now display playlist image if present and have a new “No image margin” setting on Android S+.
  • Improved artists genre emulation for Subsonic servers by taking in account both songs and albums genres.
  • The replay gain processor option is now properly only applied for casting as the internal audio engine properly support all cases since a long time.


  • Improve error recovery for Cloud providers, pressing Sync again should try again to scan the files with network issues.
  • Fix home button not leaving library view when using the library shortcut in home page.
  • Fix sometimes wrong bitrate detection for Icy internet radios.
  • Fix long press in playlists not starting multi selection.
  • Fix Jellyfin resume point update as they no more support data in body.
  • Added workaround to support more webdav servers like Swisscom myCloud.
  • Fix a Chromecast renderer issue that could have triggered image refresh on Nest hubs. (Huge thanks to Thomas for the help).
  • Symfonium tag parser now use all songs data to generate album genre, language and mood values.
  • Fix possible wrong song started with retain player state and shuffled enabled.
  • Try to better detect relay connections to Plex servers and attempt more often to find a better direct connection.
  • Necessary fixes to support Emby 4.8 API changes.
  • Added workaround for Next cloud music plugin returning 2 identical fake libraries.
  • Fix possible race with queue saving and multiple queues enabled.
  • Fix possible track replay gain being applied in auto mode when it should be the album one.
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