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Version 7.2.0

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Added features

  • Added a new setting page for Android Auto:
    • Configurable tabs.
    • Configurable home rows.
    • Option genre to artist navigation.
    • Configurable display style for albums, artists and genres lists.
  • Add favourite playlist node to Android Auto.
  • Added album mood and label to song smart filters.
  • Added a new Random (Stable) sort order for smart playlists. (Random is stable until you update the seed by pressing the asc/dec arrow to generate a new one)
  • Added Library and Search as possible Home shortcuts.
  • Added Search as possible Library shortcut.
  • Added support for OpenSubsonic getLyricsBySongId.
  • Added Extend Deca as possible font.


  • Android Auto voice commands without media type now also search in playlists.
  • Ton of tweaks to Android Auto for better design.
  • Complete rewrite of some Android Auto internal for major speed gain. (Please report any issues).
  • Rewrite of the search page engine to handle multiple tokens in any order and in multiple fields.
  • Also expose the now playing queue when connected to bluetooth compatible devices.
  • Try to better handle some edge cases of low network connectivity to reduce playback issues with playback cache enabled.


  • Items counts (when enabled) are properly shown in search page.
  • Fix possible timeout of the webserver when casting long low bitrate files.
  • Fix horizontal progress bar with dynamic background issue in compact player.
  • Fix shuffling some content always starting with the same artists order.
  • Fix wrong change user rating menu entry for album smart playlists.
  • Fix album sort order possibly stuck after selecting Display artist, Year.
  • Fix genre filtering per library with Symfonium custom tag parser. (You need to sync your provider again)
  • Fix OneDrive provider limits to 200 items per folder.
  • Fix missing genre and playlists thumbnail in Android Auto.
  • Fix favorite playlist overview row not taking in account hidden providers.
  • Fix possible IME issue (Japanese,…) in quick list filtering.
  • Fix missing codec, bitrate and channel count data for smart filters for Plex provider. (You need to sync again)
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