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Version 7.0.0

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Added features

  • Add support for OneDrive as media provider. (Experimental feature, please report issues with details)
  • Add support for DropBox as media provider. (Experimental feature, please report issues with details)
  • Add support for Box as media provider. (Experimental feature, please report issues with details)
  • Note: Google currently refuses access to it’s Google Drive API for Symfonium, the provider support is ready but can’t be enabled for now.
  • Note: pCloud currently do not allow new API access request and can’t give more details.
  • Added new possible app icon Default (Red Background).
  • You can now configure notification and media session (Android 13+ notification, Android Auto, …) buttons. (See changed section)
  • You can now use direct image urls for Internet Radio thumbnails.
  • Smart filter in playlist now also support not in playlist.


  • Add a workaround for possible duplicate Chromecast Audio devices, please contact me if you now have missing devices.
  • Notification and media sessions buttons are now in sync (but configurable). You may need to configure them again to your liking.
  • Added more details for final sync steps messages.
  • Added Vorbis decoder to internal decoder to workaround some devices issues.


  • Fix possible blocked sync with some media for WebDAV provider.
  • Fix possible slow media start during a sync.
  • Fix a performance issue with custom tag parser.
  • Added workaround for Bluetooth/Headset auto play for Android 14. (You also need to set battery restriction to Unrestricted)
  • Fix local device custom tag parser with Media Store album folder split issue.
  • Fix Kodi 21 detection.
  • Properly display bitrate as kb and not kib.
  • Fix album artist sometimes displayed in Chromecast instead of song artist.
  • Fix artist distribution possible failure when using shuffle all.
  • Fix very short media playcount not updating.
  • Fix artist scraping caching issue that could lead to trying to scrape the same artist after each syncs.
  • Fix unwanted binary files in the APK increasing size for no reason.
  • Fix pushing new large playlists to Emby/Jellyfin for the first time.
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