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Version 6.1.0

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Added features

  • Add high quality resampler to internal decoder to allow playing unsupported samplerates without transcoding.
  • First sync status is now shown in home page for better visibility.
  • You can now export songs from offline cache to Downloads folder.
  • Refactored media format cache to ensure less unneeded network access and faster response. Please contact me if invalid data is displayed.
  • Refactored scraped artists cache to support provider removal and multiple providers more efficiently.
  • Add support for language tags in Symfonium tag parser (Local device, SMB, WebDAV). Supported for albums / songs with new library list and smart filter support. (You need to clear tag cache then sync again)
  • Add new option permanent audio focus loss, to prevent automatic playback restart when audio focus is gained back.
  • You can now also set Album thumbnails (Locally, not pushed back to files or provider).


  • Refactor the first run wizard to simplify configuration for local music player only usage.
  • Songs in search view display the album name.
  • The album sort order Display artist, Year now support all ascending / descending order per field. (Press multiple times)
  • Try to better handle multiple offline playcount updates for all providers.
  • Use less aggressive colors when using Solid dynamic color as background in now playing.
  • Fix Custom tag parser album grouping by some split combinations that could be wrong. This may change a little your album grouping if you used Album Artist or Composer tag, contact me if you have issues.


  • Fix possible missing Add provider button in landscape.
  • Fix rare crash in song detail bottomsheet.
  • Prevent accidental swipe actions during scroll.
  • Continuous playback should not activate when repeat mode all is active.
  • Fix possible crash with xHE-AAC files.
  • Fix synced lyrics global offset value wrongly applied.
  • Added workaround to support some exotic mp3 files.
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