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Version 6.0.0

Testing and reporting issues for the new providers is important since, when they are stable, they will open support for other providers like Google Drive, One Drive, …

Added features

  • Add support for Samba (SMB v2/v3) shares as media provider. (Experimental feature, no anonymous login support for now, please report issues with details to handle all the different servers out there)
  • Add support for WebDAV as media provider. (Experimental feature, please report issues with details to handle all the different servers out there)
  • Big OpenSubsonic initiative progress and new features (Servers needs to implement them see forum. LMS support nearly everything and Gonic support multiple album artists & genres)
    • Multiple artists, multiple genres, composers, mood, record label, song bpm, song comments, …Many new data bringing up to date OpenSubsonic servers on pair with more modern alternatives.
    • Seek during transcoding (LMS and Gonic).
  • You can now import M3U/PLS playlists in file mode from Local device in SAF mode, Samba and WebDAV providers. (3 dots menu then import. Beta status: only relative paths are supported for now, please report your different playlist formats to add support for them)
  • Add option to auto scan media at app start for local provider in SAF mode.
  • Added support for Jellyfin 10.9 external lyric support.
  • Added API commands to control sleep timer.


  • Sleep timer now remember the last used value.
  • Multiple music folders in Subsonic servers supporting them are now seen a multiple libraries for easy filtering.
  • When sorting albums by display artist also sort by album name. Introduce a new sort by display artist then year.
  • Updated AutoEQ database. (Go to Settings/Advanced/Reset AutoEQ database to update)
  • When clicking an m3u or pls playlist in file mode on supported media providers, the playlist is now resolved and it’s content played.
  • In offline mode tracks not available will be grayed out in playlists.


  • Fix broken playlist import for Kodi provider.
  • Fix automatic offline cache library selection not persisted when editing providers.
  • Fix possible failed test when adding a Subsonic host with proxy auth.
  • Fix some media not playing anymore due to too small buffers.
  • Symfonium now check the max supported sample rate by the device and transcode non supported files when needed.
  • Fix some edges cases of color extraction for now playing.
  • Fix support of TDRL tag.
  • Fix Plex sometimes transcoding wav files when unneeded.
  • Ensure that Plex transcodes output supported sample rates by the device.
  • Fix continuous playback option not working when Circular queue navigation option is enabled.
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