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Version 5.9.0

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Added features

  • Added support for Internet radios (Beta)
    • Imported from Subsonic or manually added.
    • All usual Symfonium functions (Android Auto, Custom images, lower quality URLs when on mobile, shortcuts, …).
    • Should support Shoutcast, HLS and Dash streams. If your radio does not play but plays in others apps please contact me with details. (Use the first urls in basic m3u and pls)
  • Add new setting to display navigation bars labels (Never, Always or when selected).
  • Add new Lyrics view setting to display thumbnail in portrait.
  • Added support for basic auth headers for Subsonic providers for reverse proxy that requires it.
  • Added the possibility to hide individual songs from library for the local provider.


  • Replaced the option Smaller header images in detail views by 4 different settings for each details views allowing 3 states: Default, Small, Hidden.
  • Allow importing Plex smart playlist as normal read only playlists. You should really prefer Symfonium smart playlists as more parameters and more efficient.
  • Multiple selection actions now respect the selection order. (Play/Queue/Add to playlist/…)
  • When adding multiple folders in Folder mode for local provider, they are now considered as different libraries, allowing quick filtering as other providers supporting multiple libraries.


  • Fix bottom of some list not always visible when the player is active.
  • Fix media not resolved in local device file mode, leading to missing metadata and thumbnail.
  • Fix possible crash in search view.
  • Fix possible crash in file mode with duplicated files.
  • Fix possible crash when managing auto offline rules.
  • Still trying to reproduce some last crashes to report to Google, if you can reproduce a crash please contact me.
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