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Version 5.6.0

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Added features

  • Widgets icons are now also updated to match the new icons in the app.
  • Sync status now shows a detailed status with counters for the number of files / media synced.
  • File mode lists now have a filter button to search in large lists.
  • Most lists now have filter button to directly filter the content without switching to the search tab.
  • Added new option to not crop now playing cover art.
  • Added some new sorts to playlist list.
  • Added tag support for playlists to easily filter playlist by custom tags you apply to them.
  • Added album artists and composer entries to songs bottom sheets.
  • Added Finish last song option to sleep timer.


  • Symfonium is now targeting Android 14. Please report any issues if you are on Android 14 beta.
  • The add to playlist dialog now displays the thumbnails and have an indicator if the song is already present in a playlist.
  • The song additional info settings are now applied to the now playing queue list.
  • Added a workaround for Yamaha MusicCast devices not respecting UPnP standard.
  • Added some workaround to better support UAPP as UPnP renderer. (A few changes are still required on their side)


  • Fixed Emby/Jellyfin libraries temporarily not visible in the filter panel after a sync.
  • Fixed the possible 1 line space below the compact player.
  • Fixed the missing item count in some screens when the option is enabled.
  • Prevent some touches in lyrics view that could interact with the hidden player view.
  • Properly also cache album art when offline caching song as they may differ.
  • Fixed possible multiple queue duplicate creation when playing playlists.
  • Skip Jellyfin automatic sync when it scans it’s libraries as it can return incomplete data.
  • Fixed Jellyfin/Emby offline playback count sync not sending the proper time of play.
  • Fixed changing artists thumbnails for Local Device provider in SAF mode.
  • Ignore invalid repeated previous/next commands sent by some cars.
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