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Version 5.5.0

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Added features

  • Add new now playing settings to allow full screen cover art and other variations.(New Background style: Album art, Blurry / New Cover art style: Hidden)
  • Search now support transliteration on Android 10+ allowing to search in foreign languages names with ascii characters (ignore accent, ascii search in Cyrillic/Kanji/Hiragana/Chinese/…, cross search for Simplified and Traditional chinese, …). On Android 9 only accent removal is supported. Requires full provider syncs.
  • You can now manually set Playlists/Genres/Artists local thumbnails, either generated from the related songs or via the file/photo picker.
  • Enable a new Experimental Compose fix that should solve the few users with touch/swipe/scroll issues. If you now have such kind of issues, please contact me as they will enable this by default in the future!
  • You can now click on the position text in now playing for a time picker dialog. (Reminder you can click on the duration to toggle to remaining time)


  • Clicks on songs in the search view now apply the song click action setting.
  • The automatic offline cache of favorites option now also applies to artists.
  • Updated all the icons in the app.
  • Added obvious visual indicators when debug mode is active.
  • Navidrome sync now support favorite removal on server side.


  • Fix possible wrong mimetype when downloading to download folders for Subsonic servers.
  • Fix possible small temporary duplicated data during auto sync of playlists.
  • Fix favorite playlist filter applied to search.
  • Improved the search view header collapsing behavior.
  • Fix lyrics not always visible when enabling the experimental replay gain engine.
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