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Version 5.4.5

Please remember that crashes, issues, and feature requests cannot be addressed or resolved through Play Store comments.

Added features

  • Long press next button inside Symfonium will skip to next album.


  • Refactor option Retain shuffle and repeat mode to Retain player state that also keep speed and pitch between play commands. The option no more retain those on app kill, enable the Playback state saving option for that.
  • When offline caching a media, the associated images are now also automatically cached.
  • Tweaked the shuffle result when using the shuffle button in library views.


  • Playback cache properly take in account the enhanced replay gain processor.
  • Fix Symfonium setting the volume to 100% on start under a specific set of conditions.
  • Restore missing actions on playlist entries action menu.
  • Proper synchronisation of release date of albums for Emby/Jellyfin.
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