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Version 5.0.0

Remember that Symfonium is 100% user driven, do not forget to make feature requests on the forum if there’s something missing for you. (Do not use Play Store comments for that)

Added features

  • Add support for external LRC files for local provider in SAF mode.
  • Add new option to stop playback on task removal.
  • Add experimental transcoding engine:
    • Allows local playback and Chromecast streaming of new formats: MusePack, DSD/DSF, Aiff, WavPack, WMA, True Audio, Monkey’s Audio
    • Transcoding is not bit perfect in all cases but allow much more formats and support for Chromecast (+ UPnP in the future) making it a better solution as a whole.
    • Transcoding from Android provider mostly require SAF mode usage as Android does not scan the majority of those format. (See Wiki)
    • Transcoding generate temporary files, please ensure you have some free space.
    • If you need more formats or have issues, as always contact me on the forum with logs and the problematic files.
    • Wiki have more complete documentation.


  • Custom tag parser is no more experimental and now the default choice as necessary to support all the new file formats.
  • Status bar icon colors now tries to adapt to now playing background when expanded. Please report any wrong behavior / issues with details.
  • Restore jumping for faster loading when fast scrolling on long lists.
  • Added value selector to ratings smart filters to make it more obvious that the values are scaled to 10.
  • Playlist shortcuts can now be configured to be shuffled.


  • Default song action is now properly taken in account in the home song rows.
  • Fix possible seek issues when transcoding with Jellyfin/Emby.
  • Fix returning to search page showing % in place of spaces.
  • Fix a couple of race conditions with playback cache.
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