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Version 4.0.0

If you like the application, please take time to leave a full review on Play Store it is really important for the future of the application.

Added features

  • Experimental tag parser for local device provider (Android) either via MediaStore or directly files via SAF. Since the extracted data is different it is not possible to migrate between the different modes. You need to remove the provider and add it again.
  • This feature enables a way better music tags reading, including artist/genre separators, multi values, composers, ratings, sort titles, …
  • This feature will undergo heavy development to try to support most of the use cases. Please report issues and needs on the forum.
  • Added support for composer browsing (Kodi, Emby, Android with custom tag parser. Requires full sync). If you customized your library page entries, you need to add it manually.
  • New API endpoint to toggle “Available offline” filter.
  • New option Automatic offline mode, to tie the Available offline filter to the Wifi connection status.
  • Share menu to Albums/Artists and Songs bottomsheets.
  • New option to display Composer/Album artist in now playing when available and different from track artist.
  • New option slower downloads to workaround possible server issues.
  • New Automatic mode for ReplayGain. Use the album tag when playing albums, else use the song one.
  • New option Force instant transcoding, to force restart playback when loosing wifi to ensure minimal cellular usage at the cost of a small sound gap.


  • Song additional(s) information setting is now applied to playlists when possible. (May require a sync)
  • Clicking a song in a filtered list now queue the whole list by default. The setting no queue for albums is now expanded to cover this case too.
  • You can now remove the Settings button from the navigation bar, it will be moved to top button bar.
  • Navigation bar will be hidden when no entries or just one. The shown page will either be the home page or the single selected option.
  • Rename the “Force artist metadata” Subsonic option to “Fetch additional metadata”, to better scrape and cache more metadata for both artists and albums. If your server support getXXXInfo2 endpoints you should enable the option.


  • Fix possible image downloads when it should not.
  • Really fix upnp casting to loopback.
  • Try to better identify album artist data sent to media session / chromecast.
  • Fix ignore article setting not applied to Subsonic.
  • Fix possible complex filtering issue with Album artist and multiple providers and sources.
  • Fix UPnP volume mapping sometimes not working.
  • Fix possible wrong media started in file mode.
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