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Version 3.1.0

Happy new year, thanks all for the support.
Just a small reminder that translations are crowd-sourced, you can contribute from the settings.

Added features

  • New option: Extra transparency to now playing overlay icons.
  • New option: Song second additional information in list.
  • Offline cache status and play count can be selected as song additional information in lists.
  • Widgets now have configurable opacity setting.
  • Widgets can now override the system theme.


  • Removed the option Show artist names in album song list, it’s always on now, too many providers do not properly report compilation status.
  • Option Ignore remote stop command is now on by default, too many cars send a stop command.
  • Refactor now playing codec info extraction to reduce network usage when possible. (Bitrate value may be missing or different but the risk of OS bug leading to full media reading over LTE was too high)
  • Promoted equalizer, state saving and playback cache to stable. (If you have issues, report them as I’m not aware of any)
  • Widget now offer per widget control for: Tint icon, app icon, hide icon, show track number. You can reconfigure the widgets to update them.
  • Improved multiple word searches.


  • Add more security in download manager to prevent downloads when not connected to Wifi.
  • Fix possible state restoration issue when only 1 song in queue.
  • Fix extended trial after update / reinstall.
  • Fix possible unwanted network usage in wifi only mode. If you still have issues contact me with logs and details.
  • Fix possible unwanted server access when playing cached media.
  • Fix smart filter filename does not contain.
  • Fix possible crash when enabling both album artist and all artist in search view.
  • Fix proper equalizer profile not loaded at app start due to small race.
  • Fix possible wrong track played when selected from now playing queue and casting to Chromecast.
  • Fix possible double scrobble in rare occasions.
  • Fix settings backup error if never offline cached any media.
  • Fix large subsonic playlist sync (Push).
  • Add workaround for Funkwhale that does not support album/artist favorites.
  • Properly update connection type when editing hosts.
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