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Version 3.0.0

Symfonium is now Android 9+ due to abuse on the ratings about the equalizer not being present before and not enough ratings to counter that. Previous versions will still work fine on Android 5 to 8, but if you want a refund just contact me. Please note that I’m not happy to have to do that, but it’s already hard enough to fight the “app should be free bad ratings”, Play Store is a jungle, your ratings have an impact.

Added features

  • New option: Hide favorite button from now playing. (Still accessible from the 3 dots menu)
  • Sleep timer can be set as the additional information row. (With long press to quickly configure)
  • New Favourite playlists home overview row.
  • New option: Automatic offline cache of favorite albums and songs. (Note that smart playlists are often a better way to achieve this)
  • New option: Display playback messages.
  • New backup & restore function. Limited to settings for now but will expand.
  • Chromecast casting now support playback speed too.
  • Chromecast casting now support Google assistant skip next.
  • Added new optional playback controls in the lyrics view.
  • Added new option to configure now playing cover margin.
  • Add new in playlist smart filter to allow playlist merging.


  • The application is now Android 9+ only. See notes.
  • Try to support more devices for UPnP gapless, as usual if there’s issues contact me.
  • Update the sleep timer dialog to be more convenient.
  • Migrate to ugly Google CAF for Chromecast (No Google I really do not want all the useless things you bring with it ;)). Please report issues with Chromecast casting.
  • Lyrics view should now have less delays and be more in sync for synced lyrics.
  • Updated the wave slider to match the new Android 13 design.
  • Auto play on headset/BT device no more auto play if another music player is already active.


  • Workaround Astiga returning invalid data with compilations.
  • Fix some repeat mode possible issues.
  • Add some workarounds to support Ogg files with video tracks.
  • Fix sync issue on some Subsonic servers when no genres are present.
  • Download to Downloads folder could fail with empty downloaded file error.
  • Possible race when Symfonium is restarted in the background, leading to temporary audio focus request causing possible pause of other media players.
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