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Version 2.0.0

This is a major release, with tons of changes for state saving, performance and future improvements. As always please report issues directly to me and not on Play Store. App icon is changed but you can revert in settings, see below.

Added features

  • Full playback state saving (Beta, on by default, see playback settings). Keep playback state and queue even after app kill. (Long press play/pause do stop and clear the queue as before)
  • New default Symfonium Icon, default theme tweak and added new Orange theme.
  • New option: Application icon to change the icon in app, launcher, notification, …
  • New option: Tint home page icons with primary color (On by default).
  • New option: Tint widget icon with primary color (On by default on Android 12+)
  • New option: Auto play on headset plug (On by default).
  • New option: Auto play on Bluetooth connection (Off by default, may require permission).
  • New option: Auto pause / resume media when volume reach zero (Off by default).
  • New option: Enable integration with system Equalizer. (On by default as currently)
  • New option: Smaller header images in detail views.
  • New option: Offload mode. Tries to offload the playback to device coprocessor (if present) to reduce battery usage, may also help with hi-res media on some devices. (Android 10+, off by default, experimental)
  • New resizable widget with proper design for each supported widget sizes (Material You).
  • Network providers now have a Wifi only option to disable communication when on mobile network.
  • Properly register as being able to play media files from other apps.
  • Support for more external lyrics provided by Emby. (If some are still missing contact me).
  • Added support for future Navidrome version that expose lastPlayed value for sync.
  • New toggle to skip existing playlist when importing from a media provider.
  • Added new cleanup duplicates action to playlists.
  • Italian translation, thanks Manuel06p. (Reminder: Translations are crowd sourced you can help for your languages too)


  • Refactored internals to prepare for more widgets. You’ll need to add again the widget (or try the new one) to your home screen sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Refactored the option Prefer internal decoder to allow more codecs to be decoded by the device. (If you now have issues with Flac, enable the option)
  • Refactoring to try not to use the internal webserver when playing offline cached media on the local renderer.
  • Enabled predictive back gesture.
  • Advanced equalizer is back on Android 9. If you have issues with it please contact me.
  • Use Firebase Crashlytics for crash reports as Google have removed necessary information from Play Console. (Remember that you can opt out in the settings, but it’s really useful for me to fix and improve the app)
  • Detect unsupported token authentication for Subsonic servers and warn during setup.
  • Reorder some main Android Auto entry points to better reflect main usages.
  • Current now playing widget now properly support Material You. This also means that widgets now follow OS colors and no more the app theme until Glance provides the necessary API.
  • Expired trials now also have 1 more trial day after install to test new versions, same as users who update the app.


  • Fix image and offline cache when using invalid certificates.
  • Fix repeat one would not work correctly.
  • Fix possible race with UPnP when skipping tracks.
  • Properly detect empty cached files due to provider transcode issues.
  • Fix sort order selection in smart playlists.
  • Increase playlist import timeouts.
  • Revert to local renderer if another app is started on current Chromecast device to avoid trying to reconnect and disconnect other apps.
  • Fix some Subsonic issues (Files > 2Gb, play count not updated)
  • Fix possible issue with Plex server changing IP and plex SSO.
  • Internal decoder is a little more resilient to invalid data in the media.
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