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Version 1.9.0

Added features

  • Refactored playlists to allow editing and pushing edits back to providers (Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic).
    • Syncs are manual as offline first and without proper ways for all providers to handle conflicts.
    • Since there is now different kind of playlists (multi providers, single provider, read only), be sure to read the options when importing / creating playlists.
  • Added new option to disable automatic library sync.
  • Save external lyrics to internal database when offline caching songs for full offline usage. (Unfortunately this requires that you cache again the media)
  • Add new option dynamic color for library navigation (Change primary color on details view, extracted from the image)


  • Refactored the pause on short focus change to a more generic configurable action (Duck, Pause, None). You need to reconfigure the setting if you previously used pause.
  • Change the show codec option to a more complete show additional info. Clickable row to toggle additional info like codecs, current equalizer profile, next media, queue details, … (Support long click for direct actions)


  • Fixed a small race that could lead to the wrong media being visible in the now playing (While the proper one was playing). Thanks for the reports.
  • Optimized large playlist start on large databases.
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