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Version 1.6.0

Added features

  • Add option to hide Symfonium logo from the widget.
  • Add support for Android media store (Local device) playlist import.
  • Lyrics timestamps can now also be displayed at the end of the lines.
  • Add support for albums Original release date. (For providers that support it, requires a sync)
  • Add support for audiobook chapters when returned by Plex / Emby and Jellyfin.
  • Add new option for Local device and Kodi to prefer song art instead of Album art.
  • Add new option to animate the expanded now playing slider with waves like Android 13+ style.
  • Add new Basic style for now playing design.
  • Added a few workarounds to improve Jellyfin AudioBook support.
  • Small animations tweaks in now playing screens.
  • Add new option to ignore remote stop commands and treat them as pause (For some car when stopped for example).


  • Some fixes to better support Gonic (Subsonic) servers. Be sure to update your Gonic servers to the latest snapshot version.
  • Workaround some Android Auto changes to properly pause when disconnecting.
  • Workaround possible duplicate scrobbling with Plex servers.
  • Finally hopefully fixed the unknown rare crash.
  • Update Compose to the latest snapshot that contains all memory leak fixes.
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