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Version 1.11.0

Added features

  • Added support for more lyrics tags, if your lyrics are still not visible please contact me with sample files to add support.
  • Added support for some Amr files. As always if you have non working media, please contact me with details.
  • Added download to Download folder support for playlists.


  • The show additional info row is now enabled by default (Hint: It’s clickable/long clickable). (Contact me with details if the row does not fit on your device)
  • Added haptic feedback for drag and drop feature.
  • Tweak the black theme.


  • Hopefully fix a rare crash. (If you have app crashes please contact support)
  • Fix repeat mode issues.
  • Fix changing to the last song of a playlist could stop playback.
  • Fix possible wrong track played when quickly changing songs via swipe / next button.
  • Fix possible delay when changing songs.
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